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Hi, I am Nakayla I live in Pittsburgh! and I want to direct this message towards Zen mommy! I just want you to know that you are a beautiful soul. When you said “When the student is ready the teacher will show.” This actually happened for me! I was following a content creator on instagram and he mainly talked about  division and I was only watching him because I always has questions about why a lot of my for you page was about so-called blacks  being the true gods and the white race were created with different animal DNA and for awhile I stopped watching his content. I had a nagging question. Why would god create division? How could this be life. So one day I go to his page again after a few months and he’s talking about the same thing but he stitched your viral video when you…

Hello Soul Family!!

I want to welcome all new members to this group. Its has been kind of slow at first because I have been out of commission since I had the baby, but I am so happy to see the group grow. I had a vision of this group when i first started my spiritual journey in 2017, back then I wanted to call it Soul Family Awakening. I felt so alone in this Human life and felt like no one understood me and I knew when I began to walk the spiritual path I would call out to my soul group. This is a safe and sacred place we can connect to each other and share our journey and experiences. If you are new or haven't yet introduced yourself please make a introduction post and share anything you like about yourself even photos. Like I mentioned this is…


Divine blessings everyone!

Jai Maha Kali , I recently went through my own ego death only to awaken to my core system and belief of being an incarnation or selected spiritual warrior in accordance to the Goddess Kali’s energy. In the intense process of finding the light/agni within me , I met with insane blockages e.g loved ones and friends calling me crazy , possessed , delusional and left me feeling so alone until I found zen mommy’s page.. I am eternally grateful.

As a child I did have intense spiritual and religious exposure to not only Hinduism , but Buddhism , Taoism , Christianity, Sikhism  and Islam as I hail from Malaysia a country of multi ethnicities and I knew my core programming was unity but when I hit puberty it’s like my eyes were closed shut and I operated on greed, lust, anger, envy and gluttony. After 10…

Zen Mommy
Khandida Mulard

Thank you for the invitation. Congratulations again Zen family on your earth angel wow a 5th demontional child 😇 Hey soul family we made it! Congratulations to you all reaching this height of heights if it was a challenge for me I can only imagine your journey my name is Tamika and I've been on a spiritual journey all my life I've traveled through Islam Christianity as well as the conscious community, to ultimately discover my higher self I've come to learn that once I've reached this level my friends and family members were not here with me and it feels good to find my true soul family to connect with and not just have conversations with myself 😁

Tracey Leach
Zen Mommy


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