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Hi, I'm Elle!

I used to be into spirituality back in 2012/13-2015 which then stopped until 2021 when I found the youtube channel "Naya's Corner of the Universe" and eventually Zen Mommy through that. This is the kind of "spirituality" that I'm into the most: the NDE/OBE stuff, knowing what is actually outside of this whole game/universe, where we really come from and how to align ourselves as best as possible with our highest selves while we're still here (such as going to 5D). Since getting into this in 2021 I've had 4 different experiences that I would classify as being in a similar category - and one at least on the same level - as an NDE or OBE. Before then I never (to my knowledge) had experienced anything like that.

I absolutely love to hear Zen Mommy share her knowledge and wisdom and love to have found someone as interested in this as I am! So thank you so much for creating this group!

Zen Mommy


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