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Spiritual Awakening Community

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Welcome To My Spiritual Community! I am Zen Mommy from and This Group is for those who follow my content and share the same beliefs of Us awakening to our true and infinite selves as Creator Gods. I've wanted to create this for us for along time. Please Make your own Post to Introduce and share something about yourself to the group. I created this group for likeminded souls to connect to each other on this journey of Spiritual Awakening, Consciousness, 5D Ascension and becoming our true and Infinite Creator God selves. This Group is no judgement zone for all openminded spiritual people that are (non religious/non Christian) . Only Rules I have is no spam, no advertising and You must interact and introduce yourself because as this space is for us to connect and meet one another. Lets try to keep the topics high vibe & encourage and uplift each other.

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Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, ge...
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