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Hi, I am Nakayla I live in Pittsburgh! and I want to direct this message towards Zen mommy! I just want you to know that you are a beautiful soul. When you said “When the student is ready the teacher will show.” This actually happened for me! I was following a content creator on instagram and he mainly talked about  division and I was only watching him because I always has questions about why a lot of my for you page was about so-called blacks  being the true gods and the white race were created with different animal DNA and for awhile I stopped watching his content. I had a nagging question. Why would god create division? How could this be life. So one day I go to his page again after a few months and he’s talking about the same thing but he stitched your viral video when you were talking about your out of body experience and in that moment I discovered you and the answer to all of my questions I ever had. I literally started to cry because listing to you I started to remember everything it was something I cannot put into to words but It was a true awakening for me! I have been really creating my reality this entire time. And that none of what he would talk about  was true at least to me. Thanks to you I get to see that I am in the 5th dimension as my true self a creator god! I am sure we had an agreement! I have finally found my soul family.I just love you and I have learned so much after watching all of your content and I got to see you in real time grow and change into this being you are now in like 2 days literally. Every video I started to remember more! So thank you I know I am rambling but I am very excited to be apart of this group in the 5th dimension. Congratulations to everyone here! Also congratulations on the 5D baby! Sunset is a beautiful name!

Side note- I have no judgement so the guy that was spreading division was just a lesson for me. He is simply playing a role. There is a reason he was in my reality. I also realize that I learn from all of my experiences the good and the bad.


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