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Hello Soul Family!!

I want to welcome all new members to this group. Its has been kind of slow at first because I have been out of commission since I had the baby, but I am so happy to see the group grow. I had a vision of this group when i first started my spiritual journey in 2017, back then I wanted to call it Soul Family Awakening. I felt so alone in this Human life and felt like no one understood me and I knew when I began to walk the spiritual path I would call out to my soul group. This is a safe and sacred place we can connect to each other and share our journey and experiences. If you are new or haven't yet introduced yourself please make a introduction post and share anything you like about yourself even photos. Like I mentioned this is a safe and scared space of non judgement. I really want us to really try and participate and get to know each other.



Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, ge...
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