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Divine blessings everyone!

Jai Maha Kali , I recently went through my own ego death only to awaken to my core system and belief of being an incarnation or selected spiritual warrior in accordance to the Goddess Kali’s energy. In the intense process of finding the light/agni within me , I met with insane blockages e.g loved ones and friends calling me crazy , possessed , delusional and left me feeling so alone until I found zen mommy’s page.. I am eternally grateful.

As a child I did have intense spiritual and religious exposure to not only Hinduism , but Buddhism , Taoism , Christianity, Sikhism  and Islam as I hail from Malaysia a country of multi ethnicities and I knew my core programming was unity but when I hit puberty it’s like my eyes were closed shut and I operated on greed, lust, anger, envy and gluttony. After 10 years of being so lost , I am reborn again at 27 years old

My awakening process summed up felt like a full on war between light and dark forces . Illusions and deception being thrown left and right and the reoccurring theme was for it to not belief in who I am and the visions I’ve received. To put out my light ! But I fought hard and with total surrender to the universal consciousness I came out victorious on the other end because LIGHT AND LOVE WINS ALL. I personally realized that tuning into the 5D all the time was exhausting and I was unable to function in the 3D plane ( or to ultimately perform my duties to help raise the collective awareness) so at the moment I’m trying to find the balance between myself and the abundant cosmic energy. It’s been Arduously interesting but having likeminded humans around helps a lot 🥹🙏🏼

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